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When someone tells you to ’just be yourself’ it sound like something that’s easy to do.

But knowing who we are is not always easy. We have a few different ways of seeing ourselves.


What do you think other people think of you?


What would you like everyone to think of you? If you could be the person you’d love to be, how would that person be in the world?


What do you think of you? You have days of feeling fabulous and other days where you castigate yourself for the least thing. You can be your own harshest critic.


This is the unchanging you – the ‘Observer’ that thinks your thoughts. The inner voice that feels your feelings, watches your breathing and has been with you since the beginning.


Ghandi said “My life is my message.”

If our life is not our message, why are we here?


The following TED talk by Caroline McHugh examines the art of being ourself and the above points are taken from her presentation. Caroline explains the power of adopting the attitude of equanimity and how we can remain steadfast and connected to our inner self, regardless of what is happening around us.

The sky is blue and stays blue whether or not we can see it through the storms. It might not look blue from where we stand, but even if we can only see clouds, the sky stays blue.

We can learn to be like the sky.

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