Draw a compelling future


Create Your Destiny with Visualisation

All it takes is the willingness to pick up a pen, a tablet or a paint brush and put your thoughts and hopes into a picture. Do you have a vision for a new way of life? Use visualisation to create your future by drawing it – even in stick figures and boxes –  and watch things happen for you. Patti gives a three step formula to harness the creativity of your own brain and come up with the solutions you need to get you to where you want to go.

Draw Your Future

Research shows the odds against you making a change in your life are nine to one! Be that one person out of ten to make life changes. Whether it’s losing weight, selling the house, changing a job or going back to university – Patti improves the odds for you.

First you see it.

Believe it.

Feel it.

Draw What You Want and Watch it Come True

How you train your brain to execute your vision.

Watch Patti Dobrowolski for ten minutes.



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