Transmitting Thoughts

Thoughts are very subtle vibrations moving in the ether.

Tapping into The Universe.

We not only send out vibrating thought waves but we also receive the vibrations of other thoughts.

Just as a well-tuned radio picks up our chosen broadcast out of thousands of other programmes from all over the world, we human beings can also be sensitively receptive to a certain thoughts out of the countless thoughts of broadcasting human minds in the world.

Tune Your Thoughts Like a Radio

Our minds can act both as a receiving and as a broadcasting instrument.First we need to tune our mind to be alert and sensitive.

In ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ Paramahansa Yogananda** wrote ”the human mind, freed from the disturbances or static of restlessness, is empowered to perform all the functions of complicated radio mechanisms, sending as well as receiving thoughts and tuning out undesirable ones.

As the power of a  radio-station is regulated by the amounts of electrical current it can utilise, so the effectiveness of human radio depends on the degree of will power possessed by each person.

If the idea of picking up and sending out thought waves seems far-fetched, then think of how impossible it once was to imagine that computers could transmit instant information, images and sounds to our desk.

Transmit Regularly

Following this, it makes sense to think and visualise our goals and desires regularly. Make the thought waves stronger with regular practices.

Let the thoughts attract the solutions and situations you want, without worrying where they will come from.

**The movie ‘Aware’ is based on the life of Paramahansa Yogananda

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