Are you easily distracted by social media/phone calls/tidying your desk, when you know there’s something you need to do?

Why do we Procrastinate?

There are lots of reasons we procrastinate.

At the root of procrastination is unresolved emotions – this could include fear, anger, anxiety, resentment, overwhelm or sadness.

NLP for Procrastination

NLP has a simple technique called ‘Anchoring’ to lead you from what is called ‘an unresourceful state’ to one of motivation and confidence. A skilled NLP practitioner can take you through the process in a very short time.

But let’s say you’re sitting at home and you’d like to try something yourself. Now.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (‘EFT’)

You may have already heard of ‘Tapping”?  When I learned the process many years ago it was from Gary Craig  who introduced Emotional Freedom Techniques, offered free instruction on his website and  sold sets of  demonstration DVDs showing the procedures working with veterans suffering PTSD, insomnia, clients wanting to release themselves from traumatic memories, quit smoking, deal with a fear of flying or a fear of heights.

Tapping for Procrastination

The process looks odd – it’s not something you would do in public. Using two fingers you tap between the eyebrows, on several points of the face, the body and the hands. When you’ve done one round,  you go back and repeat it several moreTapping points time. By measuring your response before you start, and at the end of several rounds, you can quickly ascertain the changes in your emotional state.

I wouldn’t have believed it could work, had the techniques not been used by a psychologist working with a colleague over his fear of flying. As I became familiar with it,  I started to think of ‘Tapping’  as a type of simple acupuncture, where I was stimulating energy meridians while holding a particular unwanted thought in my head. It seems to cut the link in the nervous system between the unwanted emotion and the habit  (i.e: habit of smoking, habit of reacting with fear, habit of not sleeping).

I’ve recently come across the internet marketing promotions of Nick Ortner who has a Tapping Meditation for Procrastination on his website. I’ve listen to it and it seems both simple and helpful.

Click to explore The Tapping Solution

If you are procrastinating on something and it is bothering you – why not try the tapping technique.

Tapping Points

You first need to learn HOW and WHERE  to tap. There are directions and diagrams on these websites:

Click to learn the basics of as taught by Gary Craig
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