Nick Melidonis Nubra Valley

A Moment’s Opportunity

How many opportunities would a photographer have to get a photo like this? How many treks, cold dawns and sore backs are involved?  This is an example of how we just don’t know what’s around the corner. The photographer sets up his tripod, adjusts his lenses and hopes for a ray of sunshine.

World’s Best Nature Photo Award

My friend, Master Photographer Nick Melidonis, whose photographs you see on our home page sliders, recently captured this image of a camel train in the Nubra Valley, in the high Himalayas. This image will now be presented on behalf of Australia for final judging of the world’s ten best nature photographs in the World Photographic Cup.

Well Meaning Friends Can Stop you Achieving

When he left for the Himalayas concerned friends advised him to slow down, not travel so much, be careful of thieves, terrorists and germs. He ignored them all and look what he has achieved. One of the world’s best photographs. Sometimes, when you know what you want, you just have to take risks and get out there. This is a lesson for those of us who live too cautiously. Life is there for the taking and NOT doing something often leads to regret.

Nick Melidonis Travel Photography Tours 2016

If you’re looking for adventure, with a planned itinerary,  I highly recommend taking one of Nicks’ small group photographic tours of Greece, Cambodia and Borneo. Check his website:  Nick Melidonis Photographic Tours


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