Can the simple repetitive use of positive and empowering words have an outcome on your interview for a job which you think you might be too old to apply for? Being successful in your sixties is often a matter of attitude. We can prime ourselves for success no matter what age we are.

Priming Words

Choose your own positive words for priming

According to Hasser Graham, hypnotherapist, in a clinical study it was found that by priming themselves with words inspiring confidence before taking part in exams, the outcome of the students improved by between 13-15%.

You may want to try it. It can’t harm. And I know from using the technique that it elevates your confidence and mood before taking part in a challenging activity – such as attending a job interview. It’s easy to talk ourselves down and find reasons why we won’t be successful. It’s just as easy to talk ourselves up.

We’ve prepared a little suggestion of positive priming words. I’m sure you can think of many others. Use your choice of positive priming words before you face a challenge.

Read more about a study on priming words connected to ageing resulting in slowing people down.

That’s why I don’t let people around me give advice such as ‘that’s what happens as you get older’. I wouldn’t exercise or learn anything new if I followed that kind of advice.

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