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Visit our luxury mini yoga studio in Cottesloe.

Studio 8 Slo Yo  : Yoga for body and mind

Studio 8 SloYo studio is set up for those that may want to try yoga slowly or reconnect to a previous yoga practice.  Being a small studio it is easy to tailor the programme to what you need, what you want. The wisdom of age brings with it the release from needing to compete and to be more accepting of ourselves as we are.

I did not want to be a yoga teacher. Nor did I think I had the time to study, as my life was already so full. What did intrigue me was the sense of happiness and peace demonstrated by all the teachers I came into contact with over the years at my teacher Tamara Graham’s yoga centre. I wanted to know their secret. How come they were all so balanced all the time?

I don’t even remember the catalyst that took me to Bali for the first of my three ten-day intensive Tamara Yoga Teacher Training sessions in 2013. What I do know is as I started to study the yogic texts, a new world opened up to me. A world beyond the physical poses. Suddenly I became aware of the importance of breathing, finding stillness, experiencing mindfulness and embracing ethics in every facet of my life.

Yoga teaching also covers alignment, movement, stretching, going to the edge, improving balance, anatomy, physiology and many other aspects that improve our physical body. There’s nothing that does not impact beneficially on us.

Private Yoga Studio Cottesloe

Please contact Julia for class timetables. Being small, we can run additional classes to suit our clients, as long as there are three people. On request, the yoga sequence can be followed by an intensive creative visualisation exercise – helping you to focus on what you want in your life and thereby moving you towards it.

Hope to meet you on the mat.

Julia Hayes 0412798376

Studio 8, Cottesloe Chambers, 136 Railway Street, Cottesloe

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