Fabulous Fashionistas – Ageing with Style


Some of the most stylish older women buy their clothes from second-hand stores and put them together with ingenuity. I haven’t quite grasped it yet myself, the idea of wearing someone else’s clothes, but these women are doing it right.

Shops and on-line stores are marketing the latest trends, usually for the fast-buying age groups of young women. The low hip hugging pants might not be the best for our rounded stomachs – so let’s get innovative and go for what makes us stand out, feel good and show some attitude.

Getting older doesn’t mean we have to fade into the background.

Want colours? Bright colours?  Take a look at what these 80-year olds can do with colour, sixties style and attitude. They are 20 years ahead of us. But we can learn from them.

80 Year Old Attitude



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