Should – Should Not

Catch how often you say ‘should’ to yourself. That’s the left brain trying to protect you from anything new, daring, different – keeping you in the safe status quo position, providing self-doubt and judgement so eventually you feel ‘not good enough’.

Watch out for friends and colleagues. Notice how often the word SHOULD comes into the conversation. Be on the alert if someone tells you there is something you ‘should’ do.

‘Should’ implies that they have a judgement about what you or another person should or should not do.

Notice how often it comes up in conversation about the government. What the government SHOULD do.

I usually argue that if we aren’t satisfied maybe its time we ran for office ourselves. Of course we don’t want to give up our protected lifestyles, we would rather issue edicts about what others should do instead.

Next time someone says you ‘should’ do or say something, you can reply “Oh how interesting that you think I should do that’.

Self criticism is often overwhelming

The crazy thing is, that nagging voice is our head is US. It is a habitual, critical voice that we can silence once we are aware of it and are prepared to use some techniques to quieten it.

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