Paying debt is a slow process and it’s too easy to put it on the back burner. Would you like an easy way to motivate yourself?

Here’s an inspiring idea from a young woman in USA who paid off $26,000 in credit card debt. Her mapping solution is a great way to reward yourself as you reach towards a financial goal whether it’s saving or paying off a debt.

Record Your Progress

If you like ticking things off a list of ‘to-do’ you will love this.

In this case your ‘list’ is a big black and white image which I recommend you put on the wall. It’s something you will see every day to remind you how you’re going. At the same time, you’ll create an artwork and a topic of conversation.

What you need

You can do it yourself or buy a ready made purpose design.

1. Do it yourself: Pop into an art supply shop for an inexpensive mounted canvas, or get a very large piece of watercolour paper. Make sure it’s large. We want it to go on the wall, be prominent and be part of the successful process.

2.Draw a picture with circles or spaces in black, which you will colour in as you reach your milestones.

3. Get some coloured pencils.


Buy a ready made design: I recommend if you are not going to get around to buying your own canvas you buy a purpose-made design online from  Their outline designs are shaded  so that when you colour in the circles, the shape and perspective will automatically emerge from the white paper.

Map Your Progress


You colour in a circle or section every time you achieve a step towards your goal. If you are saving towards something or paying off debt, that step could be an amount of money – say $50 or $100.

Once you get the hang of it you can change the details to suit yourself.

Read more here: MAP YOUR PROGRESS


“I wish I could say that this was my own original idea. I assure you it’s not. I grew up watching my Mom employ the same strategy when she was working toward her sales incentive trips.

Her company would provide a simple drawing that represented the recruiting/sales goals and she would color in the corresponding shapes as she made her numbers.

It hung up next to her desk where she could see it often. So could I. My Mom won nearly every single trip. This was an annual win for our entire family.”  Author Amy Jones

If you come up with a fun design, share your success and your design here. You could feature on this site.

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