Climbing Towards Success

Everyone’s interpretation of success is different


Financial Security

Security of  having enough, spending some, sharing the rest


Happiness and Well-Being

Your happiness level depends on your thoughts


Life recipes for happiness and health

How do you manage your personal and business relationships, meet your investment challenges, set your goals and attract opportunities? We all have different strategies.

Here are suggestions for reducing anxiety, having better relationships, managing money, developing a sense of fulfilment and being happy – one day at a time.

Do you know what is really important to you and – if you do know – how do you put first things first?

From money to mindfulness. Watch videos giving simple steps to managing your life better.

Stay informed on health retreats, exercise and therapy workshops.

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Business Mentoring

You need to understand how to separate working IN your business from working ON your business, so you have time to step back and see the big picture. It’s not always easy to talk to people close to you about your confidential business plans and problems. Having a business mentor who is only interested in your success is a valuable way forward. As someone who has created and structured many companies for clients in several countries I look forward to discussing with you exactly how I may be useful to you in your business growth.

Strategies for Personal Change

Strategies for Personal Change

Learn the principles of living an effective life. When you focus your time and attention on what are your most important roles in life, you will naturally begin to delete the many time wasting, frustrating and worthless demands on your time.

Work with me to elicit what are your most important roles. You can then achieve your goals while developing a strong personal mandate for living your best life, facing challenges and overcoming fears.

Building Wealth

Whether you are investing in your own business, other people’s businesses (stock market) or just looking for a way forward to build up your assets, I can offer you insights and assist you with plans. I’ve worked in stock markets, merchant banks and private businesses. The elements of risk and reward are the same. Create your own goals and develop a wealth plan – let’s start with a discussion to see if I am a suitable mentor for you.

Ageing with Attitude

If you're a BabyBoomer I guess you remember Jane Fonda's workouts - the music, the leotards, head bands, leg warmers...a whole special lycra wardrobe for workouts. I still have a set of leg-warmers just in case there's a fancy dress party happening. How about you?...

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Stuck in Your Tracks? Negative Thinking

Negative thinking : worrying about the future, when you are putting your attention to something that hasn't happened yet. Negative thinking : re-living something in the past that upsets you, giving juice to a memory that continues to hurt. As you think about a bad...

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Financial Security in Your Sixties

Get a strong sense of financial security in your sixties. Financial Difficulties You might be in something a financial mess and worry you will never get out of it because your best time for earning is past. When the issues are teased apart and budgets and bank...

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Priming Words for Success

Can the simple repetitive use of positive and empowering words have an outcome on your interview for a job which you think you might be too old to apply for? Being successful in your sixties is often a matter of attitude. We can prime ourselves for success no matter...

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Draw The Future You Want

  Create Your Destiny with Visualisation All it takes is the willingness to pick up a pen, a tablet or a paint brush and put your thoughts and hopes into a picture. Do you have a vision for a new way of life? Use visualisation to create your future by drawing it...

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How to Make Difficult Choices

What Are Difficult Choices ? Should you move in with him or stay independent? At this age you have probably achieved a state of independence you didn't have in your twenties. There may not be the same allure to being part of a two-some, but you still can see how good...

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Mindfulness | Headspace

Imagine floating above the ground, in a silent dawn. You would be in awe and you would be listening for the sounds of the earth, feeling the breeze on your face with your senses heightened as you rose higher into the air. The Present Moment It would probably be a time...

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In Your Sixties Style With Attitude

Fabulous Fashionistas - Ageing with Style Some of the most stylish older women buy their clothes from second-hand stores and put them together with ingenuity. I haven't quite grasped it yet myself, the idea of wearing someone else's clothes, but these women are doing...

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