Climbing Towards Success

Everyone’s interpretation of success is different


Financial Security

Security of  having enough, spending some, sharing the rest


Happiness and Well-Being

Your happiness level depends on your thoughts


Life recipes for happiness and health

How do you manage your personal and business relationships, meet your investment challenges, set your goals and attract opportunities? We all have different strategies.

Here are suggestions for reducing anxiety, having better relationships, managing money, developing a sense of fulfilment and being happy – one day at a time.

Do you know what is really important to you and – if you do know – how do you put first things first?

From money to mindfulness. Watch videos giving simple steps to managing your life better.

Stay informed on health retreats, exercise and therapy workshops.

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Business Mentoring

You need to understand how to separate working IN your business from working ON your business, so you have time to step back and see the big picture. It’s not always easy to talk to people close to you about your confidential business plans and problems. Having a business mentor who is only interested in your success is a valuable way forward. As someone who has created and structured many companies for clients in several countries I look forward to discussing with you exactly how I may be useful to you in your business growth.

Strategies for Personal Change

Strategies for Personal Change

Learn the principles of living an effective life. When you focus your time and attention on what are your most important roles in life, you will naturally begin to delete the many time wasting, frustrating and worthless demands on your time.

Work with me to elicit what are your most important roles. You can then achieve your goals while developing a strong personal mandate for living your best life, facing challenges and overcoming fears.

Building Wealth

Whether you are investing in your own business, other people’s businesses (stock market) or just looking for a way forward to build up your assets, I can offer you insights and assist you with plans. I’ve worked in stock markets, merchant banks and private businesses. The elements of risk and reward are the same. Create your own goals and develop a wealth plan – let’s start with a discussion to see if I am a suitable mentor for you.

Who Do You THINK You Are?

When someone tells you to ’just be yourself’ it sound like something that's easy to do. But knowing who we are is not always easy. We have a few different ways of seeing ourselves. PERCEPTION: What do you think other people think of you? WISH IMAGE: What would you...

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Recipe for Paying Off Debt

Paying debt is a slow process and it's too easy to put it on the back burner. Would you like an easy way to motivate yourself? Here’s an inspiring idea from a young woman in USA who paid off $26,000 in credit card debt. Her mapping solution is a great way to reward...

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Transmitting Thoughts.

Thoughts are very subtle vibrations moving in the ether. Tapping into The Universe. We not only send out vibrating thought waves but we also receive the vibrations of other thoughts. Just as a well-tuned radio picks up our chosen broadcast out of thousands of other...

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Don’t let ‘should’ rule your life

Should - Should Not Catch how often you say ‘should’ to yourself. That's the left brain trying to protect you from anything new, daring, different - keeping you in the safe status quo position, providing self-doubt and judgement so eventually you feel 'not good...

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Guided Visualisation and Goal Setting

You can turn on your inner guidance radar any time you want. It is always there. And it's free ! Just as this lotus knows when to open and close, guided by the sun and seasons, we can create a rhythm in our lives whereby we live according to our inner guidance. We can...

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Tapping for Procrastination

Are you easily distracted by social media/phone calls/tidying your desk, when you know there’s something you need to do? Why do we Procrastinate? There are lots of reasons we procrastinate. At the root of procrastination is unresolved emotions – this could include...

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Health – It Starts in Your Head

Health? Are we talking about the body or the mind when we use that word? Regardless of discussions on food, exercise and medicine for good health, what we think influences our emotions, which causes the brain to release chemicals, which are released into our...

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Living in the Moment

Mindfulness. It's finally catching on. It's the new black. Stop !  Enjoy the aroma of that coffee without clicking on texts and emails at the same time. Taste the coffee and look around you. Be aware we of your thoughts. Worry, Anxiety,  Fear, Regret A friend went to...

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Your Genes Don’t Control You

  Your genes aren't controlled by your DNA.  Bruce Lipton explains in the video below that the science of epigenetics makes it clear that  DNA is only the blueprint, not the script! How good is that? So your grandmother...

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Why Pain Hurts

When something hurts it’s hurting in the brain, not in the limb. That’s why you can have ‘phantom limb’ pain. It’s all about the nerve receptors transmitting the information to the brain. Sometimes the information is scrambled, mis-directed or just plain wrong.

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