Imagine floating above the ground, in a silent dawn.

You would be in awe and you would be listening for the sounds of the earth, feeling the breeze on your face with your senses heightened as you rose higher into the air.

The Present Moment

It would probably be a time when you would be feeling very much in the present moment – alert and aware.

Learning to be aware in the moment takes a little practice. We get caught up in what’s happened in the past, what may happen this evening, or tomorrow – and we forget that NOW is the only moment that matters.

No Time to Meditate?

This is a ten minute TED talk video that could change your life.  Andy Puddicome has created a sensible step by step approach to teach you how to get a little bit of headspace just for you.

People say they don’t have time to meditate. They can’t sit still. They can’t stop thinking. It just takes practice.

I started using this App 18 months ago, never realising what it would do for me. From a freebie I moved to an annual subscription. Since then I’ve renewed my subscription, as have a million other people. Andy’s made a fortune but with a Higher Purpose.

His bio is worth reading.

Mindfulness Headspace


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