So you thought that if you become more successful you’ll be happier? Wrong. It’s scientifically proven to be the other way around. Happiness increases your success outcomes.

If you’d like your brain to be sharper, clearer and better at problem-solving, then think about this: your brain is more productive at positive than at negative. That includes exams, job interviews, problem solving and creating business plans.

By raising your level of positivity right now, your brain will experience ‘the happiness advantage’.

Want to know more?  Shawn Anchor is one of the most popular speakers at Harvard University. He’s a specialise on positive psychology.  Here is his TED talk. One of my favourites.

 Use the Happiness Advantage: The Happy Secret to Better Work

It’s not what happens to you, it’s the way you look at what happens to you. Check which filter you’re wearing today.

Laszlo Bock SVP Google People Operations wrote about Shawn’s presentation at Google’s Work Conference last month.  Shawn explained explained to the Google staff that “you are not just your genes and your environment….happiness can be a choice. But it’s a choice that we can influence through our organizations. And when we do so, it becomes the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy.”

Have you heard the expression ‘Hedonic Treadmill‘? The Hedonic Treadmill is the term given to explain  our  inability to sustain happiness for extended periods. It seems  that even after something wonderful happens which increases our happiness, over time we usually return to our happiness baseline. It takes more and more to elevate us.

Shawn suggests that for a 21 day period we write down three new things each day we are grateful for and take two minutes a day praising a person we know.

After 21 days the brain will unconsciously seek out  and present to us the more positive aspects of life.


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