Your genes aren’t controlled by your DNA.  Bruce Lipton explains in the video below that the science of epigenetics makes it clear that  DNA is only the blueprint, not the script! How good is that?

So your grandmother and your mother had breast cancer? Regardless of what Angelina Jolie thinks, having the same genes as your grandmother and mother does not condemn YOU to get cancer.

You may carry signals in your DNA which pre-dispose you, but its the environment of your cells that determine what switches on the genes. Hint: don’t switch them on.

The Environment

Your cells are affected by the environment in which they live – the blood.

How You Interpret Your World

How you interpret what happens to you and around you sends messages to your brain, which obediently releases chemicals into your blood to match your interpretation.

Changing your response to your world changes your emotions, which changes the chemicals released in to the blood which changes the response of your cells.

What you think matters more than you think.

The good news is you can reframe your interpretation about something. When you think about how differently you respond to something compared to your family or friends, you can see there are many interpretations of the same event.

So why not choose to change your response to  people who annoy you or  things or events that bother you?  I know it’s not easy – but it comes with practice. We have to start somewhere.

There is no ‘right’

We know we don’t remember events accurately. We think we do, we think our version is right, but reality is only OUR reality. We know that the same event watched by ten people will give ten different interpretations.

We can let go of thinking we are right.

There is absolutely no use in being right. Have you ever thought about that? it will change the way you fight with your partner.

We might feel triumphant just for a moment, but where does that get us?

Reframing our Perceptions

If  holding on to a specific interpretation of a relationship or an event is making us unhappy, then knowing how to reframe that interpretation is a valuable skill. More so if we want to deal with recovering from illness.

Bruce’s best selling “Biology of Belief” is an absorbing read. Epigenetics gives us back our power. We are not victims of our DNA.

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