Coaching for Messy Finances

Get a strong sense of financial security in your sixties.

Financial Difficulties

You might be in something a financial mess and worry you will never get out of it because your best time for earning is past. When the issues are teased apart and budgets and bank accounts are studied, you can usually see solutions and opportunities. Talking it over with a financially experienced friend or advisor can help bring the solutions to the fore faster. Ruminating on problems and feeling stuck prevents us  from taking action and moving forward.

Financial Security in Your Sixties

You may live comfortably on your savings from month to month, but feel you can’t take a holiday. Sometimes you can easily afford to buy a new dress but feel you shouldn’t deplete your savings. Often that’s more of an attitude than reality.

Maybe you worry you won’t have enough. But what is ‘enough’? I once talked to an 80 year old friend who had large property investments. He worried that he didn’t have enough for his old age. Within a few weeks of our conversation he had passed away.

Attitudes About Money

What’s your relationship with money? Do you deserve to be spoiled? Have you always spent money on your children but not on yourself – and in the process developed a habit of not nurturing yourself?

Even at this age are you keeping money in the bank ‘for the kids future’ and don’t feel you are entitled to spend on yourself? Ask yourself where  your spending habits come from and do your habits still serve you.

Lack of financial control or too much financial control can both lead to unhappiness. Finding the balance is the answer.

Talk About It

If you would like to examine your specific financial problem or feeling of overwhelm about money you can contact me by email and describe your situation – if I think I can help you this will lead to a free half hour discussion via Skype.

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