Cooking with love

These cakes look so good you can almost take one off the table.

They were made by a friend. She doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting cakes to rise, or icing to set. But then she pays attention to what she’s doing.

‘Cooking Mindfully’ doesn’t sound much like MasterChef does it? Preparing food slowly with love is a far cry from the the swearing, sweating and crying we see on  reality t.v.

But we don’t have to rush cooking to get food on the table in ten minutes. Even less so if, once it’s been served, instead of actually tasting the food, everyone’s reading, checking messages or making phone calls while they eat.

How can the simple task of cutting an onion lead you into a calmer way to prepare food?

I watched this TED talk and realised THIS is how we can slow down while we’re cooking and actually take the time for US.  [You know, that time we’re always saying we don’t have].

We think of cooking as a one-way trip. Imagine, if the soup actually notices that you are stirring it. Imagine if the food becomes more nourishing because of the way you think while you’re making it.

Worth thinking about? By adopting a slow and mindful attitude I’ve even enjoyed making an omelette. And I think the eggs had fun mixing with the tomatoes and herbs.

Putting Love Into Cooking

Author and teacher, Cynthia Lair shows us how to do it. She says:

“Your thoughts and emotions go into your food as you prepare it. Cooking with love is putting love and concentration into cooking which can improve your nourishment.

The food is begging you to “”. By being in the present moment with the food, you are meditating – effortlessly.

When you sip from the spoon to taste the soup and stop a moment to reflect on the flavour – the soup notices!

The good attention and intention you put into your food while you’re cooking it, comes back to you when you sit at your table to eat.”


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