Rewire Your PainReduce chronic pain and establish a personal feedback system for monitoring your progress. This new book, by Australian pain specialists, is due for launch October 2015.

Evidence Based

The message is ‘Do this because it WORKS’.  Don’t waste time arguing the point, the science behind the simple statement is extensive and well documented.

Managing Your Chronic Pain

Thanks to ‘Rewire Your Pain’ you will understand the distinct separation between the initial cause of chronic pain, and the ongoing activity of the nervous system. In chronic pain, the nervous system continues mis-firing to cause the pain experience, long after the physical damage is repaired.

Watch the TED talk video ‘Why Pain Hurts‘ by the very creative Prof. Lorimer Moseley, who manages to make pain amusing.

The idea of moving from being a victim of chronic pain to being the architect of your own recovery in very simple, practical steps, is very empowering.

I recommend it for anyone wanting to take control of their pain management. The book is available as a FREE pre-launch e-book on the website : REWIREYOURPAIN

Authors Dr. Stephanie Davies, Pain Specialist |  Dr. Nicholas Cooke | Ms Julia Sutton

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