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This is My Story

I started working in finance back in the day when the stock market was one big trading floor and electronic orders had not been created. Everything that happened in the world affected our day. It was exciting times. I studied and travelled,  developing my finance career in London, New York,  Singapore and Hong Kong.

One day  it dawned on me that working 24/7 in a highly stressful business environment could not go on forever.  As hard as it was to admit to getting older,  I had to make a transition to a more balanced lifestyle. I re-created myself in Australia.

Now I combine my  training in neuro linguistic programming (‘NLP”) and yoga philosophy with my long experience in finance, to help clients make positive changes in their personal and business lives.

I strongly believe in staying healthy through my food choices, meditation, exercise, constant learning and happiness practices. Down-time is spent in the yoga studio, at art classes, working out at the gym, or with good friends and family over coffee.

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